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2022 Scholarship Recipient: Alejandra Jaimes

Alejandra's words about herself:

Why do you want to be a teacher?

Since I was young I always wanted to be a teacher. I felt that since nobody looked like me I couldn't convey things because they would not understand. This made me want to rewrite history and make an impact.

Who are your role models? Explain what you have learned from them.

My role models are my mother and my AP Euro/World History teacher. I learned to be independent and strive to success from both of them.

Tell us about an experience you had as a student that helped convince you to consider teaching as a career.

My AP European/World History teacher taught me no one is perfect and  told me that even though I was not good at multiple choice I was an amazing writer. This made me realize that our school system is flawed that a student could know the subject but a guessing game determines their knowledge.

If you had a teacher(s) to emulate who would she/he/they be and why?

Yes, my AP teacher, he made me believe in myself. I want to impact someone's life and help them strive to success.

What grade level would you like to teach and why?

I would like to teach High School. I think at that time everyone is losing hope or have too much stuff on their plate so that if I could be someone who they can feel safe to talk to it could ease them into becoming who and what I believe they can be.

What is your favorite subject, and why?

History. History allows an individual to learn why, when and how an event came to be, It shows that humans have not really grown because history always repeats itself.

Name two locations in the state you'd most like to teach and why?

Gainesville and probably Gwinnett. Gainesville is heavily minority populated where education does not inspire individuals to become successful and there is a lack of communication for the success of the students. Same goes for Gwinnett just a slight hope can allow an individual for success. 

Explain the steps that you would take to motivate students to learn.

A balance between respect and love. Being respected allows for students to understand it is serious and being loved shows
that you care. 

As a teacher-in-training, you might hear the following advice, “Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!” Do you think this is accurate advice?

Every individual is different so allowing yourself to understand that allows you to treat an individual like a person. Showing you care makes someone see that maybe it is important. For example, I remember my English teacher would teach us different ways that individuals could learn and it showed that he cared. It made the students stop skipping that class and actually do their work because it made them realize somebody cared. 

Where do you see yourself in your teaching career in ten years?

I want to have a master degree in history and teach High School AP World History and be proud of all my students.

Alejandra will be attending the University of North Georgia. Congratulations, Alejandra!

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