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2023 GIFT Recipient Jennifer Claxton

In her own words
I want to be a teacher so I can be a positive influence in children’s lives. There is a lot a teacher can achieve, and I want to be the reason why kids enjoy school. There is also a growing demand for teachers and I am very passionate about education. I have been working as an assistant teacher for several months and cannot think of a better career for me.
My role model is my mother, as she has been a great example of how to keep pursuing your dreams. She decided to continue college for her teaching degree and has inspired me to get an education degree as well and to not give up, no matter what obstacles are thrown my way.

I would like to teach elementary school but specifically first grade as it is the fo
undation of the rest of their education. Being able to teach kids the foundations of reading, writing, and math is inspirational as you get to watch kids understand and succeed. I want to see kids grow and advance, and first grade is crucial for improvement.

Jennifer will be attending the University of North Georgia

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